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Brenda shein, m.s.ed.


brenda shein

Brenda Shein is a 4th year Counseling Psychology student at Purdue University. Her clinical interests include working with clients to improve their well-being and understanding of themselves and others. Brenda has worked with a diverse range of clients in community and clinical mental health settings to address a variety of clinical concerns, such as anxiety, depression, family and relational conflict, academic/career stress, ADHD, trauma, and identity-related stressors. 


Brenda primarily takes a relational, strengths-based, and holistic approach to clinical work. She prefers to individualize the therapeutic process, taking into consideration clients' developmental history, cultural context, and life circumstances. In this process, she prioritizes building a strong therapeutic relationship and actively involves her clients in developing goals and modifying treatment plans in ways that they find most helpful. Brenda believes that clients possess the tools to enact desired change and strives to empower her clients to push past barriers to change. 


When she is not working, Brenda enjoys exploring cafes, hanging out with her corgi, and spending time with others over good food. She finds the most joy in baking, practicing yoga, and going on adventures outdoors. 

Brenda is supervised by Dr. Alyssa Boer for therapy and by Dr. Holly Morales for psychological testing.

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