Dr. Christopher keiper, phd, hspp


Dr. Chris Keiper is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works with teens and adults, providing individual psychotherapy and psychological assessments. He helps clients reorient life to what they care about by focusing on behavior change, mindfulness, and emotional openness. He sees people with a wide range of concerns, including OCD, phobias and anxiety-related problems, body image and disordered eating, personality dynamics, gender and sexual identities (including writing letters for surgery), trauma, and mood regulation difficulties.

Dr. Keiper’s therapeutic style is friendly, down to earth, and warm, while concentrating on relieving suffering where you most experience it. He works from a third-wave behavioral approach, emphasizing compassion for self and others while using therapeutic processes backed by research. He specializes in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and practices exposure therapy, including Exposure and Response Prevention for OCD-related problems. He collaborates with clients in helping them live more meaningfully, right now, in an open, aware, and engaged way.
Dr. Keiper provides psychological assessments for ADHD, Learning Disorders, Memory Loss such as Alzheimer’s Disease, personality disorders, and diagnostic clarification. He also works with Dr. Beckwith in providing Eating Disorder assessments to aid in insight about food-and-eating related problems and to provide best-practice recommendations for care.

As a self-described nerd, in his free time he enjoys amateur astronomy, learning about the cosmos and biology, meditating, cycling, and escaping big box-style buildings to be in nature.

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