courtney benefiel, m.A.


Courtney Benefiel, MA is currently in her fourth year of the University of Indianapolis PsyD program, and she is in her second year with us at Modern Mental Health. Courtney provides individual therapy to teens and adults, as well as psychological testing/assessment services to children, teens, and adults.


Courtney values the opportunity to provide reduced-cost therapy and assessments to clients who may otherwise be unable to seek services. She has a special interest in psychological testing and is trained to provide ADHD, learning disability, and general diagnostic clarification evaluations, as well as pre-surgical bariatric assessments. 


Courtney emphasizes a collaborative and warm therapeutic relationship and works to establish a safe and comfortable working environment. She has adopted a systems approach with humanistic elements, addressing the interacting factors affecting clients' mental health and fostering personal growth, while tailoring treatment to serve clients' individual needs. Courtney has clinical interests in treating anxiety, mood, and adjustment disorders. 


In her free time, Courtney enjoys reading, puzzles, and watching documentaries.

Courtney is supervised by Dr. Reagan for therapy and by Dr. McKinney for psychological testing/assessment.