jessica reneé bowen, m.s.ed.


Jessica Bowen

Jessica Reneé Bowen is a 3rd-year PhD Counseling Psychology student at Purdue University. Her clinical interests mainly concern student success, wellbeing, and retention in higher education with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion initiatives. Jessica has worked with a diverse group of clients to address a variety of clinical concerns including health and wellness, depression, anxiety, relationship stress/violence, cultural identity concerns, transition stress, career/academic stress, bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism, and family discord. Jessica has addressed these concerns in individual therapy, group therapy, and assessments. 


Jessica's approach to clinical work is holistic in that she considers clinical topics from individual, interpersonal, and systemic stances. In this process, she prefers a collaborative approach wherein she actively involves the clients in formulating, executing, and modifying treatment plans and goals. 

Some activities Jessica enjoys engaging in outside of the office include exercising, cooking, Face Timing her family in New Jersey, and tending to her plants.

Jessica is supervised by Dr. Alyssa Boer for therapy.