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MMH uses a waitlist to obtain information necessary to schedule appointments. Wait times for services will vary based on provider availability, client availability, and time of year. It is generally faster to get into therapy with a telehealth provider than with an in-person provider. At this time, both our therapy and testing waitlists are extensive. We do recommend seeking care at other facilities as well, if that means you might get access to services sooner.


If you need more emergent care, please let us know so we can provide referrals outside of MMH. You can also take a look at our resources page to find other providers outside of MMH or access information that may be helpful while you wait. 


  • All providers are in-network with Anthem/BCBS commercial insurance plans (i.e., through an employer). Most marketplace plans will not allow individual providers to be in-network, so we may not be INN with a marketplace plan.

  • All providers are in-network with Purdue student/grad staff insurance (UHCSR).

  • Some providers are in-network with Aetna through a third-party billing platform.

  • Dr. Earnst is in-network with Medicare (Medicare part B, not Medicare Advantage).

  • MMH is not approved to bill Medicaid/HIP/MDWise, etc. and we cannot take those insurance plans, even if managed by Anthem.


To be added to our waitlist, please click on the link(s) below, depending on which service you are seeking. The information in the form will help us find the most appropriate appointment type, clinician, and day/time that will work for you. ​Adding information about your schedule/availability helps us get you matched to a provider faster.


Please note that we have few clinicians who see children or adolescents at this time. Because of the demand for these therapists, the wait time for individuals aged 12-17 may be significantly longer than the wait time for adults. Due to current therapists' schedules and telehealth, we may not be able to accommodate an appointment request for anyone under age 12 and therefore will provide recommendations for referrals out.

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