Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy services are offered by Licensed Psychologists, social workers, counselors, and practicum students under supervision.


Therapy begins with an Initial Therapy Interview appointment, which is an hour-long appointment with a clinician who will gather relevant history and information about your symptoms and concerns. At the end of the appointment, the clinician will offer their recommendations. This could be a recommendation to continue with that clinician, a referral to another MMH clinician, or a recommendation or referral outside of the agency.

Therapy generally begins with meeting weekly with your clinician. Over time, you and your clinician may choose to move to every other week or less frequent check-ins.

If, during the first visit or during the course of therapy, your clinician determines that your needs are greater than what can be offered at MMH or there is a service that would better fit your needs, you will be referred to the more appropriate service at that time. Meeting a clinician at MMH does not guarantee continuation of services.

For more information about the clinicians who offer therapy at MMH, please visit our Meet Us page.