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Psychological Testing/Assessment

Psychological Testing/Assessment is a specialized service offered by our Licensed Clinical Psychologists and practicum students. Testing/Assessment is used to determine specific diagnoses, such as ADHD, Learning Disorders, Autism, Personality Disorders, and clarification of other psychological disorders/diagnoses. Assessment might also be required for clearance for certain medical procedures, such as bariatric surgery, neurostimulator implants, or gender affirmation surgery. We are currently only able to provide testing services for ages 12+.

Testing services are conducted over 2+ total appointments. Appointments can sometimes be several hours in length. The total time required for testing varies by the type of testing being conducted, but oftentimes falls within a range of 3-8 hours.

The cost of testing varies based on the reason for referral and time required to complete the testing. For comprehensive evaluations for ADHD, LD, ASD, and other psychoeducational questions, the total cost falls between 800-2000 dollars. For shorter testing services, the total cost ranges from 250-800 dollars.

We are in-network with Anthem BCBS and Purdue UHSCR (student insurance), but out of network for any other type of insurance. For Anthem BCBS members, we will do our best to estimate the amount you will owe out of pocket for testing, but you are responsible for understanding your insurance benefits and paying any amount that is declined by insurance. If paying out of pocket or using insurance other than BCBS, we request that 50% of the total cost of testing is paid at the first appointment, with the remainder due at feedback (final session).

For individuals who are unable to afford the full fee for testing services, you may contact the Director, Amanda McKinney, to discuss options for reduced-fee testing services with a supervised practicum student. Please email her at to discuss lower fee options.

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