Dr. Ben reagan, PsyD, hspp


ben reagan

Dr. Ben Reagan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works with individuals 17+ treating a number of concerns. His main area of expertise and interest is working with all members of the LGBTQ community, with a particular clinical focus being gay men’s issues. Additional areas of experience include depression, self-worth issues, identity questions, relational difficulties, and anxiety.

Dr. Reagan primarily utilizes an interpersonal/psychodynamic framework, examining past experiences that inform current behaviors and patterns, as well as ways to interact differently with oneself and others. He views his work as highly collaborative, and tailors his approach to meet client needs.


Dr. Reagan is committed to providing a safe and empathic space that we can use to explore what might be hindering you and how you might work past it. It can be scary and difficult to seek mental health treatment; his goal is to minimize that fear as much as possible.


Dr. Reagan also conducts psychological assessments for ADHD and Learning Disabilities, as well as testing for other psychological concerns and to clarify diagnoses.   


When not doing clinical work, Ben likes to spend time with his cat Wilson. He also enjoys playing video games, reading comic books, and exercising.