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Dr. Amanda McKinney, PsyD, HSPP (she/her)

Founder & Director | Clinical Psychologist

Amanda McKinney

Dr. Amanda McKinney is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and the Director of MMH. She has a small therapy caseload, but most of her clinical work involves psychological assessment/testing. Her therapeutic interests involve helping people make positive changes in their lives, navigating and adjusting to major life events, and working with LGBTQ+ individuals who are exploring sexual and gender identity (including writing letters for surgery). 


Dr. McKinney's therapeutic style is collaborative, warm, friendly, and casual. Clients often feel as though they are chatting with a close friend and feel at ease. Dr. McKinney also enjoys utilizing "walk therapy" with some of her clients to enable them to incorporate more physical activity, get outdoors, and have the comfort of walking side-by-side instead of in an office setting.

Dr. McKinney's primary area of interest and expertise involves conducting psychological assessment/testing for a variety of concerns, including ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Personality Disorders, general diagnostic clarification, and assessments for surgical clearance (i.e. bariatric surgery).


Dr. McKinney normally has her dog, Pepita, at work with her.


*If you cannot have a dog in the room with you for any reason, you must notify her in advance so she can make alternate arrangements*

In her free time, Dr. McKinney enjoys hiking, traveling, rollerblading, skateboarding, spending time with her puppy, and punk music.

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